7-Day Gluten Free Dessert Cookbook – Eat Gluten Free desserts with less sugar
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Meet the Founder of
Healthy Family Meal Plans

Elaine De Santos was a frazzled, stay-at-home mom who became a Family Health Revolutionary and a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach. Upon experiencing an immune system breakdown from being over-stressed and over-tired from caring for her sick family, she founded FamilyForHealth.com and HealthyFamilyMealPlans.com to help families get healthier, just one meal at a time so that they’re better together and stay healthy for life.

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The 1-Page Planner For Moms to

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The 1-Page Planner I developed for my clients and myself that works!

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  • How To Do Anything – Lose weight, eat better, stress less and finally do that “thing” you always wanted to do…
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